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 Reflex Integration 

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 Reflex Integration Therapy is a therapeutic approach that focuses on integrating and optimizing the functioning of reflexes within the nervous system. Certain primitive reflexes which are vital for survival in the early part of the life may not be completely integrated, or may be unintegrated, active or retained thus creating unnecessary stress in the nervous system causing a variety of symptoms.


QRI combines lasers and sound along with reflex integration techniques to work on the nervous system at the cellular level. This is an effective technique, and takes less time to integrate reflexes than other traditional methods.


 The aim is to enhance

  • overall sensory processing,

  • motor coordination

  •  cognitive functioning, often benefiting individuals with developmental or neurological challenges. 

 What is the process?

Step 1  


Book a free 15 minute initial consultation with the expert to decide if the treatments offered would be the right fit for you.

Step 2  


 Book your first 60 minute session, including evaluation and treatment using the QRI system. 


Step 3  


Schedule your follow up treatment appointments.


What to Expect? 

  • During MFR treatment you can expect to be laying on the table for most of the time with certain passive and sometimes active assistive movements.

  • Reflex integration would be ideally done with the patient laying on their back, but can be done in alternate positions as children may find it hard to stay in one position for longer periods of time.

  • During Microcurrent Points Stimulation you would be laying on your back comfortably on a massage table during the session.

  • With  Myofascial movement Therapy sessions there will be different positions and movements that the patient will have to be actively involved in.

  • Bemer also involves the patient laying on the mat with the b-pad and or the b-spot focused in the area of problem.

Attire To Bring During Sessions? 

  • For Males - Please bring loose shorts for your session

  • For Women - Please bring gym shorts and a sports bra or loose tank top to change into for your session.  

  • For Reflex Integration sessions the preferred color of clothing is white or lighter colors.

  • Please come showered and no oils or body lotion.

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